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Friday, February 22, 2008

Venison food and wine pairing

Venison food and wine pairing

In the San Marcos Record article entitled 'A Hunter's Cuisine,' Melissa Dunson offers tips on preparing a variety of venison-based meals, including hints on how cooks can work with the wild game's natural flavor.

Local hunters, processors and the Department of Conservation offer advice on how to properly cook, clean and store venison, including ways to keep the meat from tasting 'gamey,' which animals in the herd have the best meat, and how to keep the moisture in this very lean cut of meat.

Dunson also offers recipes for Swiss venison steak, Venison chili and Summer sausage.

Venison and other game meats match well with a big, bold wine like Zinfandel.

Do you eat wild game?

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