Friday, January 20, 2012

Wine and Food Pairing - Pinot Noir and Vinegar

I learned something new about food and wine pairing from Food Network star Ted Allen in the Youtube wine video titled 'Robert Mondavi Discover Wine with Ted Allen: Vinegar.'

 Allen suggests using a vinegar as a final seasoning for meats and pairing the dish with a Pinot Noir. He explains that the acidity of the vinegar brings out the fruitiness of Pinor Noir wine.

I have enjoyed Pinot Noir mostly with salmon, but I am eager to try serving this red wine with meats as well. The idea of using vinegar instead of extra salt to provide extra taste seems a healthier choice! 

The video is available here:

Would you add vinegar to food as a seasoning? 

Robert Mondavi features more wine and food pairing videos on their YouTube channel at

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