Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekday Dinner Red Wine Pairings

Late Winter - Early Spring Wines

The temperatures are still below freezing most days here in Upstate New York and I find myself cooking in the evening, after the sun has set. I'm dreaming of spring temperatures, but snow is still on the ground.

What to drink?

For weekday meals, I need an inexpensive wine that can serve as both a match for my dinner and a pairing for simple appetizers I am snacking on while I prepare dinner.

Here are three choices that I have enjoyed lately -

Bogle Merlot - My boyfriend Arun picked up this wine, and I enjoy it's oaky notes and red berry flavor as much with dinner as I do by itself. I keep a bottle of this on hand as my 'crazy day at work must have a half glass immediately upon arriving home' wine. I also enjoy a glass with Kashi pizzas, especially the mushroom trio, though cheese or tomato based pizza is also a pleasant pairing.

'Alchemy' from Hunt Country Vineyards in Branchport, NY. I purchased this wine at Capital Wine and Spirits in Albany. Alchemy is mostly Cab Franc and Merlot, full details are here.

I was very impressed with this wine. I love Cab Franc from the Finger Lakes, but am wary of any other red wine. I need to get over my fears and explore more red wines from the Finger Lakes, because this one was well balanced and delicious. I brought the bottle to a potluck party. Hunt Country offers recipe pairings for many of their wines on their website.

And a sparkler - Gruet Methode Champenoise Brut from New Mexico. I buy this at Empire Wine in Colonie.

What does New Mexico know about wine making? Apparently alot, as this wine is elegant and quite tasty! I would recommend this wine as an everyday celebration wine, and a gift. I would also bring this wine to a potluck, the idea of sparkling wine from New Mexico is a conversation starter and when your friends find out the price, they will thank you for spilling your sparkling wine secret!

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Nice review indeed! This somehow would help me filling my hunger for wines since it is an inexpensive one. I will definitely try this and if I like the taste I will definitely add this on my daily meal.

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Love the article especially regarding Pinot Noir and Merlot pairings.