Friday, October 23, 2009

Unique Affordable Steak and Red Wine Wine Pairing

In an eye opening article on, Gregory Dal Piaz reviews a classic food and wine pairing - steak and red wine. His tasting group came up with two surprises - they chose an 'underdog' cut of meat as their favorite type of steak and a 'left field' type of wine I tried only to fulfill the requirements of my Wine Century Club application! I am intrigued at the pairing of a flatiron steak with Pinotage wine.

Would you try this wine and food pairing at your next steak dinner?

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1 comment:

Daniel B. said...

I notice that in their comparison, they did not include one of the other delicious, underrated cuts of beef:

The Hanger steak or hanging tenderloin. It's known as onglet in France, and there is only one per cow.

Delicious. And yes, I'd drink a good South African Pinotage with either of them.