Friday, August 21, 2009

How to taste more flavors in a wine - with Deodorant?

I got a chance to taste a glass of Riesling with a friend at a recent trip to dp in Albany. Bernadette enjoyed the wine but couldn't pick out the flavor she liked. I swirled and smelled it and immediately recognized the sweet, fruity smell of apricot. As soon as I said Apricot, Bernadette agreed, but expressed frustration that she can rarely pick out wine aromas by herself. She is an excellent cook, so I explained to her that the wine lovers knack for picking up wine aromas is similar to the talent she has in the kitchen of knowing which spice to add to a dish.

Summer is the best season to improve your wine palate, because the fruits and vegetables aromas that are present in wines are also available in the local farmers market. But even if it's not summer, I can remind my nose of the scent of wine aromas by using jams, jellies, and even deoderant!

How can you learn how to smell more aromas in wine?

My shopping list and top tips for improving your wine palate are at 'Two Tips for Improving Your Wine Palate.'

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