Friday, September 12, 2008

Best apple for apple pie; apple pie food and wine pairing

In 'Choose the best apples for baking,' a story from the Chicago Daily Herald, Caroline LeBlanc offers tips on choosing the perfect apple for baking a homemade apple pie.

September is apple picking season out here in my corner of Upstate New York, and the ultimate use for all those freshly picked pecks of apples is a freshly baked pie.

A glass of dessert wine and a scoop of vanilla ice cream are the perfect pairing for a slice of warm apple pie.

What is your favorite apple for pie?

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Barbara said...

My family's favorite dessert is my homemade apple pie made with Granny Smith Apples. These apples are crisp, cruncy, juicy, and tart, and they retain their shape and delightful tartness after baking. Top with vanilla ice cream and serve with a golden German Reisling or a German ice wine made from grapes that remain on the vines until they freeze when cold weather arrives. But, serve the ice wine in small glasses and be sure that the wine is very, very cold.

Jeff Hogg said...

My favorite has always been Golden Delicious apples. They keep their shape with plenty of delicious juice and no tartness.

I live in Washington state which is Apple Country and the choice of varieties becomes nearly endless in October.

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