Friday, March 28, 2008

Feedback on my Wine Videos

In an article for the Austin Statesman titled 'What can you learn on YouTube?' Sarah Linder searched the popular video shaing site for educational material. Her Goal #2? Learn more about wine.

Linder said, "My ambitions are not lofty here. I don't need to be able to hold forth about "mouth feel" or "notes of tobacco and blackberry.

I just want to make wine and food pairings that make my tastebuds swoon. I kicked things off with "Free Wine Class: How to Pair Wine With Cheese," hosted by Kathleen Lisson, who also offers several other wine videos.

Lisson delivered advice in a concise, entertaining way, explaining just enough of why certain pairings work to be interesting without bogging things down.

Maybe it was the cute little quiz she offered at the end, but I still remember that sweet wines go with my beloved pungent cheeses even though I haven't been able to test this out for myself.

I also liked 'Chocolate & Wine Pairing' from and 'Pizza and Wine Pairing' from Like Lisson, the hosts of these videos are geekily lovable and take a non-snobby approach."

Thanks for the compliments!

Check out my wine videos here:

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