Saturday, January 12, 2008

eBook Review: How to Taste Like a Wine Geek

How to Taste Like a Wine Geek
The 1WineDude Tasting Guide
By Joe Roberts

Knowing what kinds of wine you prefer and WHY you like them is the key to saving money (by never ordering or buying a bad bottle) at the restaurant and at the wine shop.
Roberts' simple wine tasting form is the perfect tool for beginners who are working with knowledgeable staff in their neighborhood wine shop. This ebook, combined with a sample half case or case of wine, can start novice wine geeks on their way to becoming confident wine buyers.

I would love to taste wine with friends in an educational environment and come away from a fun-filled evening with enjoyable memories AND a personal wine profile I can use to discover new wines at my favorite wine shop!

Reading 'How to Taste Like a Wine Geek' is a great way to get to know Joe Roberts' down-to-earth teaching style before booking him for an educational wine tasting in the Philadelphia area.

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