Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to remove a wine bottle label for FREE

Tips for removing wine labels - a free wine label removal tutorial

I love the idea of removing and saving wine labels, but balked at the price of
those expensive little clear adhesive removal kits they sell in the
wine gift shops.

Just in time for the holidays, I've found a way to remove labels at
home for free!

There are two different ways to affix a wine label – sticker and glue.
The methods to take the label off are mostly the same, and only
involve hot water and a razor blade.

The directions are here:

Now that it's off, what to do with your wine label?

Here's a great idea: the next time you serve a wine and food pairing
that you love, like a cabernet that matches perfectly with your steak
and secret sauce recipe, or surf and turf and a chardonnay, remove the
label from the wine bottle and paper clip it to your recipe card for
future reference!

If you have a special night, like an anniversary, where you order a
bottle of wine at a restaurant, ask to take the rinsed empty bottle
home. Remove the label and you'll have one more souvenir for your
photo album.

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